The church will never be nearly as entertaining as the world. There is nothing wrong with fun at youth group. If we are a family in Christ, then we should enjoy our fellowship. At the same time, if youth ministries are trying to use fun and games as the primary attraction, Netflix, PlayStation, iPhones, sports, keg parties, etc. will beat the church every time. We can dominate the world in the realm of meaning, purpose, hope, peace, joy, and love in Christ, so we make those principles the attraction of our youth ministries.

We can’t guarantee that they will accept the gospel and live in it, but at the very least we should ensure that our youths can understand that Christianity in its most simple terms revolves around God’s work to redeem and reconcile sinners to himself through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. Or, in other words, they need to know that Christianity is first about what God has done for them in Christ, and, secondly, about what we do for God in response.